Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Explanation for my extended absence from blogging

I'm sure the majority of my followers are totally unaware why I suddenly dropped off the blogging scene more than twelve months ago and I'm here to tell you all now just why that was.

Last September I discovered that I was pregnant to my and my partners great delight. During my pregnancy I kinda lost all interest in all my favourite things, snailmail, blogging. Etc. . . .

FYI pregnancy was not the joyous pleasant time I'd always imagined! Your skin does NOT glow. In fact its the total opposite, its dry one minute and oily the next. You're constantly tired. Your urine is like currency to every doctor and nurse you meet. You swell up like a human balloon!

To make things worse I got gestational diabetes that coupled with an insatiable craving for everything sweet, is not good.

And hands up whoever has heard of carpal tunnel syndrome. Isn't it a bitch! Those of you who don't know what it is, it's basically when the blood veins in your wrists are choked by swelling and your hands in turn swell and become numb making the simplest of tasks impossible! This caused me so many sleepless nights, I wouldn't wish the condition on my worst enemy!

But fear not it isn't all doom and gloom. All this brought me my darling, beautiful, handsome, son. Who was born after a fourteen hour labour (I took every drug under the sun to relieve the pain - once it wouldn't harm my baby boy)

So. . . . Let me introduce to you the apple of my eye, Michael Timothy Kearney Junior... <3