Thursday, 26 July 2012

Nail Art Inspiration!

Most women know the difficulties of growing beautiful long nails, it takes a whole lotta 
patience and it's all the more difficult for those of us who have the nasty habit of
biting our nais! All this patience be ruined in an instant which is what happened me!

Two of my darn nails broke last week so sadly they all had to go, now I have
the stumpiest looking fingers known to mankind.. *LOL* XD

But there is light at the end of the tunnel, this gives me the chance to ensure
my nails grow back healthier than ever. Now I'm not a major nail biter but I have
been known to do it from time to time, so to help me refrain I decided to Google some 
easily created nail art for inspiration.

Any snail mail lover will surely adore these. <3

How incredible is this fishtale/braid effect nail art?
Check out more nail art from this girl - lucy's Stash

Comic book nail art. :)

Newspaper nail art. :)

I apolagize for the brutal picture but I wanted to show you
my first attempt at marble nail art and this is the only picture
I have. I tried this about two months ago, it was so messy and
time consuming but still fun. >_<

What do you guys think? Also if you got any tips on growing healty nails, please do share them with me. I need all the help I can get.:)


  1. Well done on the marble nails! I love it, but I still didn't take the time to try it..
    I also love the 'stamp' art with the newspaper and the fishtale/braid one!

  2. I like it a lot! I'm sure I'd suck at that LOL I'm not a nail artist at all. ;-)

  3. I love the comic nails! ;) And I've done marble nails before... its quite a mess, but the finished product looks so kool! I take prenatal vitamins and it helps to grow my nails long and strong also helps my hair and skin ;)

  4. I love them all!! But I could never do that to my nails, I suck at that!! :)

  5. oh that nail art is sooo cool! I wish I had the one with news paper on my fingers! a good idea is putting some garlic or other stuff that smells bad on your fingers. so everytime you want to bite you smell that bad thing and stop it. here in holland you can even buy bad smelling things specific for your nails. for the rest let them hang in soap and clean your hand and your nails with a nice crème! greetings Serafina145 (blog comment (9) from swap bot)