Friday, 4 May 2012

Mail update.

Here's my incoming and outgoing mail for this week.


Retro, mail art, snail mail, pen pal,swap
For Shannah from write before your eyes.

mail art, snail mail, pen pal
A letter for my penpal, Carmen in Germany.

mail art, snail mail, pen pal, grafetti
Letter for a new pal in Canada, what do you think of the graffiti envie?

mail art, snail mail, pen pal,swap
For Gale in Canada, she's sending me more Canadian Titanic stamps
and in return I'm mailing her Irish postcards.


Titanic, DVD,
Bought Titanic on-line for €3.99, the seller miscalculated the postage and
this cost him €3.00 to post to me, within Ireland!!! Turns out our postage
rates have increased nationally and internationally!! :/

snail mail, pen pal
A letter, some tea and another amazing Canadian Titanic stamp
from my penpal, Elisabeth in Holland. Thanks Sweetie.

snail mail, pen pal
Some more diddl mail from the amazing Renate in Norway.


  1. LOL, 2 Diddl envelopes on 1 day! I'm glad it arrived!

    I totally LOVE the graffiti envelope!

  2. The graffiti envie looks fun! You sent out really great mail.

  3. The graffity envie is really cool! =) xx

  4. Oh my! Such amazing mail! Let me know if you'd be up for a new pen pal!

    - k

  5. You should be getting my package any day!! I'm soooooo excited for you to get it! I hope you love it!!