Thursday, 31 May 2012

Incoming from. . . My Dear Jen.

A couple of weeks during my usual browse around I came across a penpal interview with a girl from Germany who seemed so sweet I couldn't resist contacting her and asking her if she were interested in an Irish penpal.

To my delight she said yes, it was my first time every contacting someone from Julie's blog but I'm so happy I did now 'cause I've only just begun getting to know Jen (that's her name) and I already feel such a connection with her.

Here is the letter I received from her today, isn't the drawing so cute! >_<

I've also written my reply for Anne and I'm working a letter for Alex. So you both should have something in your letter boxes from me real soon. <3

On another note my flat pack cupboards arrived today after a torturous two month wait!! Michael and I put them together today, what do you think of our handy work? XD
Not bad, eh?

Sorry about the mess, we're in the process of cleaning up
after having our kitchen renovated. 


  1. :D I'm so glad my letter made it there safely. :] Even though we've exchanged only one letter so far, I feel like I have known you for much longer already. You're a darling!

    Your new kitchen cupboards look fab! I have been wanting a similar one (like the bigger one), but in white. Unfortunately they are so expensive at IKEA (379€) ._.

  2. The cupboard looks darling! :) I am hunting for a similar one for the new house. :) The one thing I will get for myself, no matter if it costs me 230 euros or not, is a secretary to write my letters on. I always wanted one :)

  3. Aww I'm happy you made another kool penpal! She looks to be just as creative as you! :))))

  4. Love your cupboards! The apartment where I live now has a painful lack of storage/organization space. We're not buying furniture since we'll be moving in the fall, so I'm quite jealous!