Saturday, 14 April 2012

A trip to Titanic's last port of call.

Earlier this week to commemorate the centenary of the sinking of the world's most famous ship, the Titanic, I visited Cobh. But I didn't go there on just any day, I went on Wednesday the 11th. Which of course is the very day 100 years ago the Titanic was docked in Cobh. Maybe not such a big deal but to me it was beyond amazing !

So I just wanted to share a few photographs of my day with you all.

My train ticket from Littleisland to Cobh. The town was restricted
to traffic so to save wasting time trying to find a parking
spot we opted for public transportation.

The original White Star Line Offices in Cobh.
It has now been transformed into a visitor attraction.

A plaque on the wall outside the White Star Line Offices.

Name and logo on the side of the offices.
This is the original dock where the last passengers who boarded Titanic
that day waited for the tenders, PS Ireland and PS America to ferry them
to the waiting liner.

This is a photograph taken by Fr. Browne on April 11th 1912. It shows
the back of the White Star Line Offices, on the balcony are the first and second
class passengers, below are the third class (steerage) passengers. A total of
123 passengers - 3 first class, 7 second class and 113 third class.

This is a view of the of the dock from the balcony where the first and
second class passengers stood in the above photograph.

Cobh hasn't changed much over the past 100 years so this is what those
passengers would have seen as they set off on the tenders toward
the Titanic and a new life in America which sadly wasn't to be.

As you may have figured out by now the Titanic never actually docked
in Cobh and contrary to popular belief this was not due to her size.
Cork Harbour is the second largest natural harbour in the world (Sydney being
the first) and can accommodate ships far bigger than Titanic.

It actually anchored off Roche's Point so this would have been
the last dry land the passengers would have seen before setting off
on their tragic voyage across the Atlantic Ocean.

The real reason Titanic didn't dock.... to save time.
White Star Line and Cunard were in a sort of competition to see
who's liners could make it across the Atlantic the fastest

Finally here is the Cobh Titanic memorial.

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  1. I like the photos a lot. :) I went to the Titanic exhibition in Copenhagen last year and it was really quite impressive. I just found some amazing stamps from Canada, which honor the Titanic (pics on my blog). :)