Friday, 20 April 2012

Titanic Memorabilia

Hey followers, I thought that since I showed you some pictures from my recent trip
to Cobh that I would follow it up with some pictures of the titanic related things
I bought on that trip.

This is from the Titanic Experience visitor attraction, each person is given
a 'boarding pass' with the name of a passenger who boarded the Titanic at
Queenstown (Cobh) that fateful day.

I got Miss Delia Henry, (21 years old) originally from Co. Westmeath, Ireland.
Her ticket number was 382649, it cost her £7 15s 0d, her destination is unknown,
she mailed this letter to her aunt in America days before the liner departed. Sadly she
didn't survive the disaster and her body if found was never identified.

A Coin I purchased at the Cobh Heritage Centre

A canvas painting I got of the ship.

A beautiful tankard I bought for Michael.

A pair of shot glasses (obviously) >_<

Titanic Postcards

Collection of postcards printed with wireless telegrams relating to the disaster!

Main postcard in picture: The 'sinking' telegram sent by

Main postcard in picture: The first warning of ice received from
the French vessel LA TOURAINE. 

Replicas of Titanic advertising and paperwork

Some superb examples of Titanic advertisements.
On the left a poster advertising Titanic intended return from NY to Europe,
on the right a flyer advertising the day the liner arrived at port in Southampton,
Wednesday, April 10th 1912.

On the left an advertisement for Vinolia Otto Toilet Soap - the official soap
of the Titanic. also pictured with that is a actual bar of the soap and on the right
a flyer advertising a memorial service for those who perished on April 15th.

Here on the right we have a replica of a second class dinner menu,
and a flyer showing Titanic sheer size in comparison to some of the
World's tallest buildings and memorials. The liner was almost as long in
length as the Eiffel Tower is in height!!

In the centre is a passionate letter from the GW union criticising life boat
priority according to first class passengers.

On the left is a diagram of the sections of the ship and above that is an
advertising leaflet (red) and a passenger booklet (blue) which gave details
of the first class passengers, the ships facilities and fares.


  1. Ohhh I am deeply jealous, these are amazing!!

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