Monday, 16 April 2012

Modes 4 U Haul.

I've always done all of my stationary shopping on Janet store but recently I discovered a
new on-line Kawaii shop - Modes 4 U.

At first I was put off by the price of the items but in comparison to Janet store
the shipping costs are alot easier to swallow. I'm a big fan of letter pads and unfortunately
Janet charges so much to ship those but Modes 4 U offer free shipping with any
order which exceeds €60/$78/£54.

They are based in Hong Kong, the business is owned by Sandra Boch and
when I emailed them to ask a question about my order they replied fairly quickly
which is always a plus. I placed my order on April 4th and they shipped it the very
next day. So it took a total of 11 days to make its way from Hong Kong to my front door. :)

Here is my entire haul which cost €66.15 so I qualified
for free shipping. :)

My items were well packaged. (date is wrong on this photograph)

Their business card.

Gorgeous Sentimental Circus letter pads which were €4.90 each.

My Rilakkuma obsession continues with these super cute letter
pads, again €4.90 each.

More Rilakkuma letter pads these were slightly cheaper at
€3.89 each. The Rilakkuma pads also have sticker sheets
with them.

New deco tapes. I think the cat one is so adorable, it cost €4.40.
The Rilakkuma and Alice in Wonderland ones were €2.90
each and I got the cute little panda one for free with
my order.

Rilakkuma sticker sheets... I paid €2.89 for each of these thinking
that they were large sticker sheets (A4 size maybe) but sadly I was
wrong so I was disappointed when I realised I paid almost €10 for these!!!!
However they are still nice stickers.

My first Rilakkuma bear!!! He was €19.90 which is
actually cheap 'cause if you search for him on eBay he
is selling for more than €30!! Don't you think he's cute? :)

Well that is my Modes 4 U haul, I hope you enjoyed looking at what I got. Check out the
shop for yourself, she has some great items on there.


  1. Ohhhhh I <3 what you bought! I would have picked the same! I really shouldn't buy new stationery at the moment, but I'll keep that site in mind and maybe in future, I can order together with a Dutch friend! Thanks for letting me know!

  2. (and I love your nails!) :)

  3. beautiful all u bought, i like kawaii godies too