Thursday, 26 April 2012

Mail Update.

Here is some mail from the past fortnight or so. If I have forgotten to add anyone's
letter, I'm sorry but things have been a little hectic lately! I'm sorry I don't have
much outgoing, I'm hoping to catch up on some replies tomorrow.


A letter from Anne in Denmark, love the deco tape.. :)

A postcard from Anne.

A letter from Carmen in Germany.

One from Karen in NY, U.S.A.

One from Fiona in Holland, isn't the Eeyore drawing adorable? >_<

A postcard from Fiona, we both think cows are extremely cute.

A card I received from Fiona, when I noticed her address on the
envelope I was totally confused because I wasn't due a letter from
her! It turns out it was a touching, heartfelt card sent with the sole
purpose to let me know she was thinking of me at a difficult time.
Thank you so much Fiona. <3
Check out her new blog -Fiona's Blog

A letter from Meiju in Finland.

A moomin stamp. >_<

White envelope: the card Fiona sent me. Red envelope: a letter
from a Nicole, a new pal in Canada. :)

The gorgeous Canadian Titanic stamps Nicole sent me,
thank you so much Nicole, I love them. I hope the Postcards
I sent you get there soon.


A letter for Fiona.

A letter for Meiju in Finland.


  1. I loved your envie (again ;-) ) My reply is finished already. I will post it tomorrow, but I think the boxes will not be emptied till tuesday (we have queensday on monday, that is why...)


    1. No problem Fiona, hun. I'm glad you liked the envie I sent and I'm really looking forward to reading from you again. xoxox

  2. You've got some great pen pals! I love the Titanic stamps...totally want some!!! :)

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