Friday, 20 April 2012

Irish Titanic Stamps

I was totally dumbfounded to learn that An Post has produced stamps to mark the
centenary of the sinking of the RMS Titanic and of course when I found out I immediately
bought some and they arrived yesterday.

This is the incredibly dull and boring looking package which greeted
me yesterday morning.

This is what was inside the package.

A keyring with an old Irish stamp adorned with the magnificent RMS Titanic.
Notice the old Punt sign so this stamp was produced and released prior
to the change over to Euro. 

And finally the stamps....
The domestic stamps feature shipbuilder, Thomas Andrews (top - left) and
Photographer, Fr. Frank Browne (top - right)

The story goes that Fr. Browne sailed on the Titanic from Southampton to
Queenstown (Cobh). However on the course of his journey he befriended a
wealthy first class passenger who offered to buy Fr. Browne a one way ticket to
NY aboard the liner.

Fr. Browne sent a message to the church requesting permission to stay aboard
and continue the voyage to America however the church simply replied with four
words - "Get off that ship"

He obeyed and when Titanic briefly anchored at Cork Harbour he departed the
liner and made the short trip via the tenders to Queenstown. A move which more
than likely saved his life and all the wonderful photographs he took aboard which
would have been lost were also saved.

On the international stamps are the most senior of White Star Line's captains -
Edward John Smith and finally the last is Molly 'unsinkable' Brown.


  1. Oh my goodness! I love the Titanic stamps! If you have several of them, I'd do a trade with you for one. :)

    1. Shannah, I would love to do a trade with you. :) How many would you like? You can email me on

  2. beautiful collection¡¡¡ congrats, i come from swap-bot, "Follow me #2 (erickalin)