Thursday, 26 April 2012

Mail Update.

Here is some mail from the past fortnight or so. If I have forgotten to add anyone's
letter, I'm sorry but things have been a little hectic lately! I'm sorry I don't have
much outgoing, I'm hoping to catch up on some replies tomorrow.


A letter from Anne in Denmark, love the deco tape.. :)

A postcard from Anne.

A letter from Carmen in Germany.

One from Karen in NY, U.S.A.

One from Fiona in Holland, isn't the Eeyore drawing adorable? >_<

A postcard from Fiona, we both think cows are extremely cute.

A card I received from Fiona, when I noticed her address on the
envelope I was totally confused because I wasn't due a letter from
her! It turns out it was a touching, heartfelt card sent with the sole
purpose to let me know she was thinking of me at a difficult time.
Thank you so much Fiona. <3
Check out her new blog -Fiona's Blog

A letter from Meiju in Finland.

A moomin stamp. >_<

White envelope: the card Fiona sent me. Red envelope: a letter
from a Nicole, a new pal in Canada. :)

The gorgeous Canadian Titanic stamps Nicole sent me,
thank you so much Nicole, I love them. I hope the Postcards
I sent you get there soon.


A letter for Fiona.

A letter for Meiju in Finland.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

New O.P.I.

O.P.I, nail varnish, nail polish, Gone Gonzo, Fresh Frog of Bel Air, The Muppets collection
O.P.I. Muppets Collection: Gone Gonzo & Rainbow Connection.

O.P.I, nail varnish, nail polish, Gone Gonzo, Fresh Frog of Bel Air, The Muppets collection
Rainbow Connection layered over 'London's Weather Forecast' by Catrice.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

iPod pick of the week!!

It's been a while since I've listened to any tracks from Guns n' Roses and now that I have it's made me realise how much I frickin' love their music. The following song was released in 1991 and was number one in the Irish charts although it did only manage to hang in there for two weeks before getting knocked from the top spot by the infamously catchy 'I'm too sexy' by Right Said Fred!! :/

This is - Don't Cry... Enjoy!

Friday, 20 April 2012

Irish Titanic Stamps

I was totally dumbfounded to learn that An Post has produced stamps to mark the
centenary of the sinking of the RMS Titanic and of course when I found out I immediately
bought some and they arrived yesterday.

This is the incredibly dull and boring looking package which greeted
me yesterday morning.

This is what was inside the package.

A keyring with an old Irish stamp adorned with the magnificent RMS Titanic.
Notice the old Punt sign so this stamp was produced and released prior
to the change over to Euro. 

And finally the stamps....
The domestic stamps feature shipbuilder, Thomas Andrews (top - left) and
Photographer, Fr. Frank Browne (top - right)

The story goes that Fr. Browne sailed on the Titanic from Southampton to
Queenstown (Cobh). However on the course of his journey he befriended a
wealthy first class passenger who offered to buy Fr. Browne a one way ticket to
NY aboard the liner.

Fr. Browne sent a message to the church requesting permission to stay aboard
and continue the voyage to America however the church simply replied with four
words - "Get off that ship"

He obeyed and when Titanic briefly anchored at Cork Harbour he departed the
liner and made the short trip via the tenders to Queenstown. A move which more
than likely saved his life and all the wonderful photographs he took aboard which
would have been lost were also saved.

On the international stamps are the most senior of White Star Line's captains -
Edward John Smith and finally the last is Molly 'unsinkable' Brown.

Titanic Memorabilia

Hey followers, I thought that since I showed you some pictures from my recent trip
to Cobh that I would follow it up with some pictures of the titanic related things
I bought on that trip.

This is from the Titanic Experience visitor attraction, each person is given
a 'boarding pass' with the name of a passenger who boarded the Titanic at
Queenstown (Cobh) that fateful day.

I got Miss Delia Henry, (21 years old) originally from Co. Westmeath, Ireland.
Her ticket number was 382649, it cost her £7 15s 0d, her destination is unknown,
she mailed this letter to her aunt in America days before the liner departed. Sadly she
didn't survive the disaster and her body if found was never identified.

A Coin I purchased at the Cobh Heritage Centre

A canvas painting I got of the ship.

A beautiful tankard I bought for Michael.

A pair of shot glasses (obviously) >_<

Titanic Postcards

Collection of postcards printed with wireless telegrams relating to the disaster!

Main postcard in picture: The 'sinking' telegram sent by

Main postcard in picture: The first warning of ice received from
the French vessel LA TOURAINE. 

Replicas of Titanic advertising and paperwork

Some superb examples of Titanic advertisements.
On the left a poster advertising Titanic intended return from NY to Europe,
on the right a flyer advertising the day the liner arrived at port in Southampton,
Wednesday, April 10th 1912.

On the left an advertisement for Vinolia Otto Toilet Soap - the official soap
of the Titanic. also pictured with that is a actual bar of the soap and on the right
a flyer advertising a memorial service for those who perished on April 15th.

Here on the right we have a replica of a second class dinner menu,
and a flyer showing Titanic sheer size in comparison to some of the
World's tallest buildings and memorials. The liner was almost as long in
length as the Eiffel Tower is in height!!

In the centre is a passionate letter from the GW union criticising life boat
priority according to first class passengers.

On the left is a diagram of the sections of the ship and above that is an
advertising leaflet (red) and a passenger booklet (blue) which gave details
of the first class passengers, the ships facilities and fares.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Canadian Titanic Stamps.

I saw these stamps on the Send More Mail blog and immediately knew that I had to
have them so I left a comment to see if any amazing Canadians out there
would be kind enough to send them to me in exchange for some postcards from the
Titanic's last port of call Queenstown.

To my delight Nicole, the girl who writes the Bad Bad Francine blog replied to say that she
would like to do the exchange. I'm so unbelievably excited to be receiving these and
I hope she will like the postcards I send her just as much as I love these stamps.

P.S. Check out the links above for both blogs they're great.

P.P.S. If there is anyone else out there who would like to do an exchange of Titanic
memorabilia please do not hesitate to contact me. Other items I would love
besides stamps are postcards or other little items.

I would love to have some postcards from the Fire and Ice museum.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Modes 4 U Haul.

I've always done all of my stationary shopping on Janet store but recently I discovered a
new on-line Kawaii shop - Modes 4 U.

At first I was put off by the price of the items but in comparison to Janet store
the shipping costs are alot easier to swallow. I'm a big fan of letter pads and unfortunately
Janet charges so much to ship those but Modes 4 U offer free shipping with any
order which exceeds €60/$78/£54.

They are based in Hong Kong, the business is owned by Sandra Boch and
when I emailed them to ask a question about my order they replied fairly quickly
which is always a plus. I placed my order on April 4th and they shipped it the very
next day. So it took a total of 11 days to make its way from Hong Kong to my front door. :)

Here is my entire haul which cost €66.15 so I qualified
for free shipping. :)

My items were well packaged. (date is wrong on this photograph)

Their business card.

Gorgeous Sentimental Circus letter pads which were €4.90 each.

My Rilakkuma obsession continues with these super cute letter
pads, again €4.90 each.

More Rilakkuma letter pads these were slightly cheaper at
€3.89 each. The Rilakkuma pads also have sticker sheets
with them.

New deco tapes. I think the cat one is so adorable, it cost €4.40.
The Rilakkuma and Alice in Wonderland ones were €2.90
each and I got the cute little panda one for free with
my order.

Rilakkuma sticker sheets... I paid €2.89 for each of these thinking
that they were large sticker sheets (A4 size maybe) but sadly I was
wrong so I was disappointed when I realised I paid almost €10 for these!!!!
However they are still nice stickers.

My first Rilakkuma bear!!! He was €19.90 which is
actually cheap 'cause if you search for him on eBay he
is selling for more than €30!! Don't you think he's cute? :)

Well that is my Modes 4 U haul, I hope you enjoyed looking at what I got. Check out the
shop for yourself, she has some great items on there.