Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Small shopping trip!

I bought these OPI Nicki Minaj
minis at my local beauticians for €12.00! A great price considering
I've seen the same set selling on-line for €19.00!

I just love Metallic 4 life and Pink Friday. :)

Rainbow Connection
Btw if anybody can tell me where I can find the
rainbow connection OPI polish from their Muppetts Collection, I would be eternally greatful.

I got these super adorable ballerina
pumps yesterday for a mere €5.00 in
Pennys! I wanted something to wear when I'm pottering around the house or the
garden during the summer, these are perfect for that.

The blue colour is simply gorgeous, I think and they come in a range of different colours. Next time I'm going to invest in a yellow pair.

My amazing boyfriend surprised me yesterday with a new pair of Puma trainers, he is so thoughtful. . . . although it isn't difficult to see that my current pair will soon be fit for nothing but the rubbish!! *lol*
Thank you Michael, Love you.. <3


  1. Hi ! I like your blog and I have decided to give you a blog award and I hope you will like it:

    :-) LaMakeupposa

  2. Hey Marian :)
    I absolutely love the OPI nail polishes. There are a few vendors on Amazon who sells OPI for a cheap price but I could only find the rainbow connection on a normal price, though you can find it here :

    Love xoxo