Saturday, 31 March 2012

Janetstore Haul.

Okay so, the last time I've put an order into was before Christmas and now after seeing the following post on Bursts of Bubbles blog:
I think I have restrained myself for long enough perhaps too long. :)

My boyfriend took the delivery and then hid it to surprise me when I got home from work and boy was I surprised. Janet's packages always bring a smile to my face and this particular one arrived super fast, I placed the order on Tuesday the 27th and it arrived Friday the 30th!

A sentimental Circus memo pad which is smaller than I expected
but still super cute.

I love these stamp like stickers, we don't have a selection of stamps
here in Ireland so these are perfect for making my envelopes
more appealing. :)

I'm a sucker for Alice in Wonderland. It is by far my favourite
childhood tale.

An Alice in Wonderland letter pad, coming to
a mailbox near you soon. ;P

Lovin' Rilakkuma. .. . ..

A memo pad.

A massive Rilakkuma sticker, just gotta figure out
where to stick it.

A Bookmark.

And finally a writing mat.

I just adore the Rilakkuma in Paris line, if anyone knows where I
can get more please add a comment to let me know.


Incoming mail. .. . .. .

From Russia with love, I just love the stamps!

A postcard from Finland.

Another cute stamp.

Letters from Fiona in Holland and Meiju in Finland.

Outgoing Easter mail. .. . .. .

A letter for my dear Oli.

Another for my lovely Meiju.

And Finally one for the wonderful Fiona.

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Cobh and the Titanic.

I got a few postcards to mark the 100th anniversary of the Titanic on a recent trip to Killarney, County Kerry.

Notice on the cards the name Queenstown. .. .. 
This was the Titanic's last port of call, it was here the last passengers
boarded the magnificent ship before it set off on it's ill-fated voyage.

Queenstown now known as Cobh (pronounced cove) is located right here in
County Cork about an hours drive south of Mitchelstown.

I love that Ireland has an entwined history with something as memorable 
and sadly as tragic as the Titanic.

Besides that Cobh is a beautiful little town and the Cathedral is breathtaking,
I hope to visit again soon to take some of the tours they have there, go
to the Titanic museum and buy some more commemorative pieces.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Small shopping trip!

I bought these OPI Nicki Minaj
minis at my local beauticians for €12.00! A great price considering
I've seen the same set selling on-line for €19.00!

I just love Metallic 4 life and Pink Friday. :)

Rainbow Connection
Btw if anybody can tell me where I can find the
rainbow connection OPI polish from their Muppetts Collection, I would be eternally greatful.

I got these super adorable ballerina
pumps yesterday for a mere €5.00 in
Pennys! I wanted something to wear when I'm pottering around the house or the
garden during the summer, these are perfect for that.

The blue colour is simply gorgeous, I think and they come in a range of different colours. Next time I'm going to invest in a yellow pair.

My amazing boyfriend surprised me yesterday with a new pair of Puma trainers, he is so thoughtful. . . . although it isn't difficult to see that my current pair will soon be fit for nothing but the rubbish!! *lol*
Thank you Michael, Love you.. <3

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Big night In BARGAIN!!

While doing my grocery shopping the other day I noticed that my local supermarket had a great promotion that I just couldn't resist. The "big night in" deal consists of a DVD, a pizza, a drink and ice-cream. All for the low, low price of €15.00.

Here are the DVDs I choose, The Hangover 2, Bridesmaids
and The Change Up.

I also got two Chicago Town Pepperoni pizzas and
one limited edition New Yorker pizza.

For my drinks I picked a six pack of Guinness
(I also bought 16 more cans of Guinness for good measure, with it being Paddy's weekend and all. >_< )
and two six packs of Corona larger.

And finally for my ice cream I picked billionaires shortcake, the rocky road of love
and the chocolate extremist. They're no Ben & Jerry's but I've tasted billionaires shortcake
and it's not half bad. :)

All these goodies cost me €45.00!! Normally the ice-creams are €4.99 each, the pizzas are €4.85 each, the Corona is €9.69, the Guinness is €7.00, the Hangover 2 is normally €16.99, The Change Up is €17.99 and Bridesmaids is €10.00.

Meaning that these would have set me back a whopping €88.90!!
I made a total saving of €43.90 - almost half the full price.
Now that's a great deal. Don't you think so?

Outgoing and Incoming mail

It's been a hectic few weeks and I haven't had regular internet access at home as I accidentally exceeded my data allowance in only six days thus leaving me with the choice of having no internet for three weeks or driving up my bill !! I ain't rich so needless to say I had no intention of forking out a whole lotta extra cash for my monthly bill.

I haven't had the time to update you on my incoming and outgoing mail but I've had a relaxing day off today so I figured I'd fill you in. I've forgotten to take photographs of some of out going mail so I only have two there. That's better that nothing though, right?

Some postcards I received from Poland, Holland and the U.S.

A package from my wonderful Olivia, which contained another of her
amazing letters and a penpal book from Anne. It's such a creative idea and
I'm currently working on my entry. Will share pics with you once
I've mailed it back to my dear, Anne.

Incoming mail from Germany, Denmark, Norway, Holland and the U.S.A.
Notice the little macaroon stickers on the centre one, so cute! >_< 

An American themed envie for my one and only Yankee Doodle,
the beautiful, Katie. :)

A make up themed for the most colourful, quirky and unexpected
girl I know, Arwen.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Use your love for snail mail to make a difference in a child's life.

I came across a link today for a cause called post pals. The idea is you pick a child from the list on their site and send them a little something in the mail. It is as simply as that.

Be it a letter, postcard, gift or whatever you think they would put a smile on their face. It doesn't have to be something expensive, the simplest things can be the most meaningful things in life.

You get to do what you enjoy which is sending mail but the bonus is the mail you send will uplift the spirits of a sick and poorly child. How amazing is that?

I think it is a really worthwhile cause and will definitely be participating and I hope that some of you will join me.

Here's a link to the site: