Monday, 20 February 2012

Mail Art

Here are a couple of my mail art envies from over the past couple of months. I adore mail art and like to do this for my penpals whenever I can find the time. I like to think it makes makes my letters for them that little bit more special. :)

A letter for the amazing Olivia. <3

Christmas cards for pals in France, Finland and the United States.

For my wonderful pal, Katie. <3

A cute Autumn envie for Alex <3

Westlife envie.

Lilo and Stitch envie.


  1. I am glad to see you are back into the blogging world :) And it feels great to see those envelopes again <3

  2. Yeah I've been forgetful lately and never took photos of the more recent ones! Which reminds me I forgot to but new batteries for my camera too!! *lol* :/

  3. I must admit they are all wonderful, but the Lilo and Stitch one is my favourite!

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  4. Wow, all of these look great! *-* You're obviously very artistic~
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  5. This first envelope is so cool! I love it so much! Im obsessed with Paris!

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  6. I love these. So creative. Great job. I wonder if mailpeople stop and admire your awesome work.