Thursday, 27 October 2011

Plushie Love!

Today I have decided to share with you my new adoration for all things plushie by showing you how many I have accumulated so far.

Each and everyone of these super kawaii plushies were purchased on For those of you who know this store I'm sure have had nothing but a pleasant experience shopping there because Janet is such a sweet person and those of you who have never heard of it get your butts over there right now, you're really missing out!

She updates her stock practically daily with the cutest stationary, plushies, stickers, etc,. . .

These tooth plushies only arrived today.
The yellow, green & black are still available.

These are ice-lolly change purses.
The Yellow, white and green are still available.

These are my favourite out of my plushies, my baby condom plushies!
All still available on Janetstore.

This is my San-X raccoon Kireizukin Seikatu (I have no idea what that means!) message plush.
Isn't it cute though, they are still available to buy on the site.
Here are my milk plushies - yellow and green still available.
And finally here is my Milk plush pillow, milk plush pen and milk mini blanket.
They're not joking when they say 'mini' blanket it really is tiny but if you still would like
one, they are on sale in green, yellow and brown.

The pillow is also quite small so be warned. They are available in brown and yellow and the milk plush pens are available only in green now.

So I hoped you liked looking at my plushies and I know what you're thinking and no I'm not
getting paid to plug Janetstore I just love my plushies so much I wanted to share them with
the whole wide world. >_<

Sunday, 23 October 2011

New blogger here!

This is it. .. .. .. I am finally venturing into the unknown, unfamiliar world of blogging. For so long I have trawled the world wide web making stops at various blogs - some interesting and some not so interesting but either way I've always longed to do what they do. Share my thoughts and feelings with the whole world. Share what I get up to in my ordinary everyday life and share my passion for all things snail mail.

So here I am, not quite sure what to write and unsure if you will find it worth while reading but with a little encouragement from my fantastic pen pals I'm willing to at least take a stab at it. Who knows maybe blogging will become a new passion of mine and I'm always up for a new hobby.

That's enough chit chat for now - I'm dying to get my first post out there. Fingers crossed you will like it.


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